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David Goggins Podcast “It’s the One Thing I Hate the Most to Do”

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American runner David Goggins Podcast opened his heart to his love-hate relationship with running. Goggins was recently seen on Dr. Andrew Huberman’s podcast, David Goggins: How to Build Immense Inner Strength. Marathon may seem like a simple sport to viewers, but it’s definitely not. The amount of struggle and pain these marathon runners go through is staggering, and one such person is Goggins. He lashed back by explaining his professional journey to Huberman.

The retired Navy SEAL was emotional while speaking toAndrew Huberman and pointed out that his professional journey was nothing but difficult. He underwent two heart surgeries and multiple knee surgeries. David Goggins Podcast disclosed how he was not able to run after every surgery, and doctors said he wouldn’t run again. But David Goggins Podcast defied all odds with his willpower and proved everyone wrong.

“What if you can’t run? Give a f**k. It was never about running. Why do you think I run? It’s the worst thing. I hate doing it more than anything.”

The conversation continued with David Goggins mentioning how many miles he would run in a given time, which was nothing less than 300 miles. Goggins barely slept and yet made sure to answer every question that was asked of him after running for 70+ hours. Though he hated what he was doing, he states that in the end, he achieved success, even though a lot of people questioned him about it.

“It’s the one thing I hate the most to do. And I do it like I love it”.

Apart from being an accomplished ultramarathon runner, retired Navy SEAL David Goggins was a smokejumper. A smokejumper is someone who is as highly trained and skilled as all wildland firefighters by jumping from an airplane or parachute 3000 feet up. These smokejumpers land next to the wildfire, make a plan, gather their gear, and work together to put out the fire.

Andrew Huberman and David Goggins Podcast discuss willpower

David Goggins is a firm believer inwillpower and the American runner knew what it meant to have strong willpower during his life as a Navy SEAL and marathoner. He spoke about how he was overweight once and the mental challenges he faced during those times. The retired Navy SEAL used to go beyond limits, as he once weighed over 300 pounds and underwent rigorous training to lose almost 100 pounds in three months. Goggins said the key to his success was that tiny little spark called willpower.

“There has to be something… because this isn’t a hack. This has to be in you. Something in you has to wake up. And usually, the only person that can wake it up is you.”

Huberman and Goggins mentioned during the David Goggins Podcastthat anyone who wishes to see growth or change in themselves needs to start with themselves right now. Focusing on oneself and having the willpower to overcome situations is the first step toward  .

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