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A Year Ago, Tyreek Hill Called His Beloved Son a “Hater” as the Kid Kept Reminding Him That Lamar Jackson Is Faster

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In an interview with GQ Sports a year ago, Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill shared his top 10 essential things that he cannot live without. He listed things like Nerf guns and ATVs, which he mainly uses to play and spend time with his kids. It definitely highlighted how Cheetah’s life revolves around his kids. However, in the same interview, he jokingly called his son a “hater” for not believing that he was faster than Lamar Jackson.

If there’s one thing that Hill takes pride in, it’s his blazing-fast speed. In one of the segments of the interview, the Dolphins WR revealed that his son calls him before every game and teases him by asserting that the Ravens’ QB is faster than him. Right there and then, Hill humorously referred to him as a “hater”.

“You know, each and every game my son he calls me and he will always tell me that Lamar Jackson is faster than me. I don’t know why, but I think I’m starting to be his role model, because he’s a hater,”Tyreek said.

The WR also suggested that, despite the teasing, he felt like he was becoming a role model for his son, suggesting that the playful rivalry might be a way of looking up to him. As the star WR is on his way to breaking the league’s best receiving yards record in a season, it’s safe to say that his son’s banter must be serving as nothing but a motivational trigger.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins faced the Ravens on New Year’s Eve. The Ravens maintained their top NFC seed after securing a 56-19 victory against Hill and company. His son probably had quite a field day after that.

Tyreek Hill holds a strong emotional bond with his four kids, evident from the tattoos of their names on his ribs and neck. He sees his children as important as his ribs, hence the placement of their names on them in different spots. As a loving father, he also proudly displays his kids’ names on his neck, which is a testament to his pride in them.

Tyreek Hill Has Recently Been Slapped With Paternity Suits

The Dolphins WR has recently made quite the commotion after he faced paternity suits from three different women in the span of four months, according to DailyMail. He already has four kids from two previous relationships. His older son, Zev, was born in 2015, and the twins, Nakeem and Nyla, were born in 2019 with his ex-fiancée, Crystal Espinal. That same year, another ex-girlfriend, Kymsley Jackson, gave birth to his fourth son, Tyreek Hill Jr., also known as Deuce.

It’s also worth noting that he recently tied the knot with Keeta Vaccaro during the Dolphins’ bye week. They haven’t had a child yet.

Just a month after getting married, Hill is again facing lawsuits from two women, Brittany Lackner and Kimberly Baker. They claim that Tyreek is the father of their children, who were born this year. According to them, Tyreek gives them $2,500 every month for child support, which they believe is insufficient, and they are demanding additional financial help.

The Dolphins wide receiver already pays his former girlfriend, Crystal Espinal, $13,500 monthly for the care of his three kids. If the recent claims made by two women are accurate, Tyreek Hill’s total number of children could become six, potentially leading to an increase in his monthly child support payments.


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