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“Go Clean Dishes”: ‘Meme God’ Paulo Costa Couldn’t Take Jokes About Missing Weights, Slams UFC Fan

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The Brazilian UFC middleweight, Paulo Costa, garners massive attention from the online community due to the often hilarious nature of his social media posts. While most UFC fighters often cross the line with their remarks amidst online feuds, ‘Borrachinha’ takes his online rivals down with severely deriding yet funny digs. UFC fans witnessed a similar incident recently when Costa decided to fire a shot at one of his critics on ‘X’.

The comments section of Costa’s posts proves that his ‘X’ moniker of the ‘MEME GOD’ suits his character perfectly. But a look at the post that got ‘The Eraser’ annoyed will reveal that the person who posted it wasn’t too wrong in her criticism. Still, ‘Borrachinha’ found it hard to accept the facts. The entire issue began when Costa implied that he wanted to fight his upcoming UFC 298 rival, Robert Whittaker, at “catchweight”.

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But a combat sports fan on ‘X’ named ‘senorita_joann’ decided to bash Costa with a few facts. Initially, she put up a screenshot of a YouTube video that labeled ‘The Eraser’ as ‘The UFC’s Pull Out King’. Thereafter, she also highlighted Costa’s previous “catchweight”post to point out the fact that he has been a pull-out merchant and might miss weight this time to get himself out of the UFC 298 fight. Her post also came with a scathing caption. It read:

“So if u’re not pulling out, u’re planning on missing weight like the last few times also. Why is this unprofessional bum still w/@ufc? Im just wondering #UFC298”

It was evident that this post triggered Costa. He decided to bring out his ‘MEME GOD’ avatar once more and deride the fan with a soaring remark. Costa’s reply read:

“Hahaha go clean dishes “

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It was apparent that ‘The Eraser’ wanted the woman to get back to her traditional roles instead of being on ‘X’ and criticizing UFC athletes. However, the comments section of his post proves that his followers found his reply hilarious. But another chunk of fans may be more interested in knowing about his upcoming plans.

Will Paulo Costa pull out of his UFC 298 fight as well?

Well, we all know that MMA is a thoroughly unpredictable sport. While most fighters pull out of fights due to injuries, there can be other factors as well. ‘The Eraser’ may sustain injuries during his training camp, which may force him to give up the fight. But apart from that, there’s no apparent reason that can justify Costa’s pull out from his UFC 298 fight against the former middleweight champ, ‘Bobby Knuckles’.

Reports also say that he has recovered from the staph infection on his elbow, which forced him to give up his UFC 294 fight against the noted Khamzat Chimaev. There are rumors about ‘The Eraser’ trying to get another shot at Chimaev. However, most fans are currently hoping to see Costa inside the UFC 298 octagon without any further complications.


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