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“LeBron James is Three”: 7x NBA Champion Declaring Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to Be the Two Greatest Players Resurfaces

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It seems like we can’t go a day without some former great player discussing the “Greatest of All Time” athlete in the NBA. In June 2023, 7x champion Robert Horry also stirred the pot. The former Rockets forward believes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant remain above the All-Time Leading Scorer LeBron James. As per Big Shot Bob, the two identical guards had no flaws in their game as compared to LBJ.

Appearing on Showtime Basketball’s All The Smoke pod, Horry delved into his thoughts about James, Bryant, and Jordan.

Ithink MJ is one, Kobe is two, and LeBron is three. I tell people that I don’t think MJ had a flaw in his game,” declared Robert Horry.

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Horry discussed how people question the lack of three-pointers when it comes to MJ. As per the former clutch shot maker, MJ didn’t need to shoot threes to get it done. He stated that like Jordan, Bryant also didn’t have to make a ton of three-pointers to be effective. They both were mid-range maestros and were unstoppable rim drivers.

The seven-time NBA champion acknowledged James’ greatness but he believes that Air Jordan and Black Mamba were a cut above him. The former Spurs forward also pointed out that when he expresses this opinion, people believe that he is “smacking LeBron in the face”. But he denies doing so and considers LBJ as one of the best. He expressed, “He’s[LeBron] still 1C, Kobe is 1B Mike’s just first.”

These pointers bring an interesting debate. Who will prevail in a one-on-one if the three face off?

Michael Jordan believes he could have beaten LBJ in his prime

In 2013, Jordan was asked who he would like to square off against in his prime. He named prime Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony as his choices. The scintillating scorer expressed that he wouldn’t lose against any one of these players, except for Kobe Bryant. Why? “Because he steals all my moves”, joked MJ.

Jordan did go up against Bryant eight times in his career. Four of these games came when he was with the Bulls and the other four during his Wizards days. While in the first four instances, MJ was in his prime, in the other four, it was Black Mamba’s time.

However, Air Jordan never got the chance to go up against LeBron James in his career. He hung up his boots just a few months before the electric forward made his debut. Had he stayed for one more season, we could have seen a highly intriguing battle between the two greats.


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