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Amidst Francis Ngannou vs. Anthony Joshua News, Dana White Vows to ‘Destroy’ January With Major UFC Fights

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The UFC CEO, Dana White, has talked about his plans to make 2024 an enthralling year for UFC fans multiple times. Currently, the world may be talking about the former UFC heavyweight champ Francis Nagnnou’s fight against the noted boxer Anthony Joshua. But one of White’s recent press conferences revealed that he was nowhere into such “gimmicky” fixtures. The 54-year-old’s recent Instagram story also implied that he had more plans for January and also the entire year of 2024.

Several fans may know that the UFC head honcho had been on a holiday to Abu Dhabi, UAE. This is where numerous ‘fight ideas’ struck him to make 2024 even more exciting for the fans. The announcements of UFC 297 and UFC Fight Night 234 have already got the fans excited about January 2024. But the UFC CEO hinted that he may have more in store for this month and the entire year.

A few days ago, White also revealed the timeline for their coveted milestone event, UFC 300. But his Instagram story revealed that he was far from done. White highlighted an inspiring quote by the noted American record label owner and producer, Rick Rubin. He backed it with his own experiences.


As Rubin’s quote says, several ideas struck White during the evenings of his holiday. He is now prepared to get back in action to turn them into reality and “Destroy” this year along with the month. However, fans may agree that he has already turned the first half of the year into an exciting one.

The UFC has revealed its PPV schedule up to the coveted UFC 300, which will take place on 13 April this year. But the noted, Conor McGregor’s announcement right at the beginning of 2024, stretched the excitement of the fans till June. However, the UFC CEO’s revelation currently has the fans in speculation about what awaits them in the latter half of the year.

The super-fight that Dana White talked about may take place in the latter half of 2024

The UFC CEO had been pretty vocal about organizing a “super fight” at some point in the current year. But in one of his on-screen appearances, White also said that the super fight won’t feature the UFC’s biggest PPV star, McGregor. Now that McGregor has already revealed that he will make his return in June this year, a large chunk of fans are speculating that Dana White’s super fight will take place somewhere in the latter part of the year.

But this has also got them into speculations about who this hugely talked about fight may feature. A lot of fans predicted that it might feature the return of UFC legend, Georges St-Pierre. ‘Rush’ also received a question about the same in one of his press conferences. But, he denied it and said that it wouldn’t be him. Currently, there are a lot of rumors in the UFC community about the second half of this year. But no one exactly knows which way it will go down.


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