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Deion Sanders’ First Attempt at Running After 11 Surgeries Incites a Heartfelt Response From Terrel Owens: “Crawl Before You Walk”

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For the past few years, Colorado Buffaloes HC Deion Sanders has been recovering from multiple surgeries for blood clots in his legs. After 11 of those surgeries and even getting two of his toes amputated, Prime recently shared his first attempt at running or jogging. This inspirational video has since garnered heartwarming responses from fans and even the likes of Terrell Owens.

While grappling with the sudden loss of a family member, Owens recently went live on Instagram and discussed various topics, both football and non-football related. In the video, he also expressed his admiration for Coach Prime’s resilience, considering it truly motivational.

While mourning his cousin’s loss, Owens has been channeling his pain into late-night runs, making meaningful use of time each day. According to his social media updates, the former 49ers legend is currently on a 21-day journey focused on adopting healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

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Observing Sanders’ determination to run after undergoing 11 surgeries has further fueled Owens’ motivation. In one of his social media stories, T.O. tagged Deion, acknowledging Prime’s motivational impact. He emphasized that individuals like himself and Deion are here to inspire and motivate in any way they can. He noted,

“Yes sir. Hey, appreciate the motivation, Prime. We are here to motivate and inspire and give back, however that may be. I appreciate your words of encouragement and what you are doing. Let’s get it. Anybody not doing anything, hasn’t done anything. It’s not too late. Prime, I see out there, boy, you running. You ain’t running like you want to run, but you are on the path to what you need to do. Like they say, you got to crawl before you walk. “

Fans were very much motivated by Deion Sanders as they expressed their affection and admiration in the comments. Take a look:

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A fan said, “Nah I’m done with my bullshit excuses. I’m getting back in the gym tomorrow !!!. You a different breed Prime.”

Another wrote, “Deion is the greatest player all around in sports and he has all the footage to prove that.”

Someone commented, “Momma there go that man.”

A fan stated, “Coach Prime, you are a blessing to all. Prayers for you to keep enduring. All the people that talk down upon you would not be able stand in your shoes for a minute. This is so inspiring, let’s go.”

Another chimed in, “You’ve already conquered levels in the athletic phase of your life, we know who u are and what you’ve accomplished. This is a different level that’s gonna carry you beyond that in a whole different way to motivate the people around you in a whole different way. Love this 4u..”

Others said, ” I’m blessed. Keep pushing king you are a walking testimony.”

Although Owens and Sanders have never played together, they have both played for the 49ers and the Cowboys. They also faced each other on the gridiron during Prime’s Dallas days. Considering what Prime has achieved in his career even before Owens made his way into the NFL, Terrell looked up to Deion. And like Deion, he often spoke his mind and never minced his words. He acted in a certain way, which even made him unpopular with the media.

Terrell Owens Never Shies Away From Voicing His Two Cents

Terrell Owens, known for his unfiltered opinions, did not hold back during a recent appearance on the Jason Lee Show. In a fervent discussion, the ex-49ers player expressed his frustration with the lack of black owners in the league and asserted that players possess more power than they realize.

When questioned about the reason behind the perspective, Owens attributed it to the way the League was structured. Describing it as a partnership, he pointed out that the majority of owners are white. According to Owens, breaking into this exclusive club would require the vote of these predominantly white owners.

Additionally, Owens touched upon what he sees as a mentality issue among players. He stated that, due to the majority of players being black and owners being white, players have developed a mentality reminiscent of a slave dynamic. Owens argued that players mistakenly believe they need the owners to get paid, whereas, in reality, it’s the owners who need players because they generate revenue for them. He urged players to recognize this dynamic and actively work towards changing it.

“You look at the dynamics of that, that slave-type mentality, and I think over the years we’ve had several conversations… Honestly, these owners, the way it’s set up, they honestly have these players thinking that we need them versus the players really understanding the power that they have,”Terral Owen said. “If we don’t play, how are they going to make money?”

Terrell always tries to solve his problem in his own way when backed into the corner. The former NFL star, who famously skipped his induction into the Hall of Fame ceremony and hosted his own, revealed that he did that because of the disrespect he faced from voters who failed to induct him during his first year of eligibility. He felt that they failed to do so because of how the media portrayed him. He felt, given his achievements on the field, he should have been inducted in 2016 because none of the other factors matter, as per CBS Sports.

Nevertheless, Owens is actively looking for a coaching gig and he discussed this during his Instagram Live. He also sprinted across the field quite a few times to showcase to the viewers how one should take care of their health, no matter the circumstances.

Athletes are role models for fitness, hard work, and dedication during their playing days. But it is hard to maintain that drive and sense of purpose after retirement because there is nothing to channel that energy. But many, like Deion Sanders and Terral Owens, continue to serve as motivation for their fans and inspire millions even after retirement by keeping themselves in shape and putting in the same level of work.


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