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Despite Bidding Farewell, Max Verstappen Features on Ex-Trainer Bradley Scanes’ 2024 F1 Pre-Season Post

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Max Verstappen parted ways with his persona trailer Bradley Scanes after winning his third world championship in 2023. It brings an end to a four-year partnership between the two, but Scanes is still reminiscent of the times he spent with the Red Bull driver. One last time, on his social media account, he posted a picture with Verstappen talking about the 2024 F1 pre-season.

F1 is amid the winter break at the moment. Drivers are vacationing, relaxing, and doing things for fun that they cannot normally do throughout the season. However, very soon, they will be getting back to training for the grueling season ahead. This was pointed out by Scanes on his Instagram account, except, his picture involved Verstappen.

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Scanes’ picture showed him and Verstappen running along the coastline in Monaco. In the caption, he speaks about the upcoming campaign and asks his followers to stay tuned if they want to know more about the regime that F1 drivers follow to get in shape before the season begins.

For sure, Scanes knows what it takes to keep a driver fit and healthy. Verstappenand he worked together for four years, out of which three years ended with the Dutchman as world champion. But, does Scanes’ Instagram post with Verstappen mean that they are getting back together after all?

Is Max Verstappen getting back with his old trainer?

Verstappen won 46 races with Bradley Scanes as his F1 trainer. However, after the 2023 season, they both revealed that they would be parting ways. The Instagram post made by Scanes does not mean that they are getting back together.

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The Briton wanted to talk about how F1 drivers get ready for the season. Who better to feature in that picture than Max Verstappen? The most in-form driver in F1 at the moment.

Verstappen, however, won’t go easy on his fitness regime. He wasted no time in finding a replacement, and for that, he had to take a look at Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz’s camp. From the 2024 season onwards, Verstappen will work on his fitness with Rupert Manwaring.


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