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“Driving Between Three Colleges”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Revealed How He Kept Up His Protein Intake During a Busy Schedule

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Protein sources are often a bodybuilder’s best friend. But over the years, it has found its place among many fitness enthusiasts’ must-haves list. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently raved about it when he answered some questions from his village members.

In his recent Q&A session published in his newsletter, Schwarzenegger spoke about a meal plan hack he used for extremely busy days during college. A fan was curious about the former bodybuilder’s schedule while juggling workouts and education and wanted to know how he managed his daily nutrition.

For young athletes and fitness freaks who have their lectures and credits to manage along with a plethora of different things, keeping up with a nutritious diet plan might get difficult. The Austrian Oak, however, revealed how he managed his daily protein intake. It was easy to prep, kept him full, and gave him the required energy to get through the day.

“When I was in school, I mostly used a lot of protein shakes. I would put protein in jars and just shake them up with water between classes.”

When Schwarzenegger landed in the US at 21, his only goal was to make it big in the bodybuilding scene. However, as time went by, he opted to study English, Math, and Business at the Santa Monica Community College while pursuing his dream. Due to the lack of a student visa, the star had to devise his ways to get full credits while juggling his bodybuilding training.

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“I saw a loophole that I could take a few classes at three different colleges and get a full load’s worth of credits…So I was driving between three colleges and didn’t have time for food.”

This hack kept him satiated while he traveled the distance, trying to get the best out of his education. Admittedly, Schwarzenegger did not have it easy. Coming from a place where English wasn’t his best suit, he was often bullied for his thick Austrian accent.

However, the former Mr. Olympia didn’t take things to heart and pushed through to achieve success in every field he stepped into. Be it acting, bodybuilding, politics, philanthropy, and more, Schwarzenegger was a powerhouse at every level. And on every occasion, he made sure to credit those without whom he wouldn’t have made it far.

How college algebra brought Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane together

During his days at the Santa Monica College, Schwarzenegger recalled struggling with a particular subject that he had no hold on. Math was a challenge that even the star bodybuilder at the time was afraid of. However, to his surprise, his onstage rival was the one who came to his rescue.

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Since beating Schwarzenegger at the Mr. Universe championship, Frank Zane developed a budding friendship with the newcomer. From training together to showing him the ropes, Zane and the Austrian Oak had built a good brotherhood. Eventually, when the latter needed help with college algebra, Zane stepped in. The veteran, who happened to be a mathematics and chemistry teacher for 13 years, rushed in to help. And that’s how Schwarzenegger achieved the best of both worlds, with some friends and tricks to keep him on top.


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