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If We’d Vote All Over Again on Chicago’s Sanctuary Status, ‘I’m Not Sure We Would Be’: Alderman Hopkins

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More than 26,000 illegal immigrants have come to Chicago since August 2022, with the city currently housing 15,000 people in 27 temporary shelters.

Chicago is facing a crisis in the wake of illegal immigrant inflow, with Democrat Alderman Brian Hopkins admitting that the “sanctuary city” status may not hold if there was a vote on the issue and said that an attempt to put the issue on ballots was blocked by the mayor.

Chicago is currently facing a massive influx of illegal immigrants, forcing the mayor to request the federal government for support. Talking about the situation, Mr. Hopkins said in a Jan. 4 interview with Fox News: “I think if we had to vote all over again on authorization for whether Chicago is going to be a sanctuary city, I’m not sure we would be. In fact, we tried to put a referendum on the ballot in March coming up to ask the voters, ‘do you want to be a sa

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