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China ‘Selling’ Authoritarianism in Latin America: Rep. Castro

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‘That’s a very appealing prospect for a leader, to move from a president to in the direction of a king,’ the Texas lawmaker said.

Communist China is winning economic and political influence in Latin America by selling an authoritarian style of governance and surveillance technology to back it, according to one congressman.

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) efforts to gain increased access to the Western hemisphere comes amid a broader effort by the regime to secure economic and political influence throughout the world, said Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas).

The CCP is massively investing in critical minerals, terrestrial space infrastructure, and deep water ports throughout the world, including in Latin America.

To counter the threat, he said, the United States must invest in building partnerships and supporting democratic norms, values, and institutions in Latin America.

“China is working hard to dethrone us, and Russia has been working hard to disrupt us,” Mr. Castro said during a Feb. 12 talk with the Atlantic Council think tank. “We have to have a strategy on countering those things.”

“We have to build up democracies on the government and political side. What China is selli

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