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Senate Moves $95 Billion Bill to Fund Ukraine, Israel Toward Floor Vote

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The Senate cleared a couple procedural hurdles on Feb. 12, nearing passage of a bill that would provide aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

A foreign aid package to fund Ukraine and Israel cleared three procedural hurdles on Feb. 12, setting the bill up for a final floor vote later this week.

The $95.3 billion bill would provide more than $61 billion in assistance to Ukraine, $14 billion to Israel in its war against Hamas, and $4.83 billion for Indo-Pacific partners, including Taiwan, to counter communist China’s aggression.

It has attracted opposition from some conservative Republicans who say the U.S.–Mexico border should be secured before funds are given to overseas partners.

The first vote was to waive the budget rules of the Senate with respect to the legislation. It failed as senators tabled the move to not waive the rules, 66-33. A 60-vote majority was needed.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), who is staunchly opposed to the measure, sought for those rules to be enforced in what was apparently a Hail Mary to stall the bill.

The second vot

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