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Dear Oppa: A Filipino fan details how Yoo Yeon Seok's Dr. Romantic became her 'all time favourite K drama'

Dear Oppa: A Filipino fan details how Yoo Yeon Seok's Dr. Romantic became her 'all time favourite K drama'

Yoo Yeon Seok manages to win many hearts with every performance he undertakes; whether it be in K-dramas or movies. Currently, as Dr. Ahn Jeong Won in Hospital Playlist Season 2, the 37-year-old actor proves his versatility yet again playing the warm-hearted pediatric surgeon, who is a devoted boyfriend to Jang Gyeol (Shin Hyun Bin). Their chemistry has Winter Garden fans squealing with joy in every episode. Yeon Seok will also be seen in Yoon Jong Bin’s new series Suriname, also starring Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo and Jo Woo Jin.

Today’s heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Andrea Samson from the Philippines to Yeo Yeon Seok. Read her letter below:

I started watching K-dramas because of COVID Pandemic and came across Mr. Sunshine because it’s one of the top-rated series. You are the reason why I continue to watch the show because Gu Dong Mae was a rollercoaster of emotions. I loved him, hated him and felt sorry for him. I wanted to hate you but ended up loving the character.

I needed to move on from Mr. Sunshine and so I decided to watch Reply 1994 but ended up heartbroken when Na Jung chose Trash. I wanted you to get the girl and so I watched Dr. Romantic and it became my all-time favourite K-drama. Your WORK OF ART is amazing and your strength as an actor is that you breathe life into the character that you play. You excel in all the things you do, whether as the star, second lead, villain, theater and others.

YOO can play different characters and you are an effective versatile actor.

YOO as a musical actor can bring out a different side of character through your stage presence.

YOO can sing your heart out in live shows or concerts and I just love your voice.

YOO as a person radiate in all your works and that is why we love you.

The more I get to know you through YOOtube channel, interviews, variety shows and behind the scenes made me love you even more.  Your Hospital Playlist co-stars describe you as warm-hearted, good-natured, diligent and during the Youth Over Flowers (Laos), they even compared you to a manager or mother. You continued to push yourself to become better as a person and an actor. Continue to shine and we look forward to more projects especially what’s coming in 2021.


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