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Saturday, October 1, 2022
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This is the first major gameplay feature in which the developers are using a real-time engine that enhances the speed, accuracy and responsiveness of physical gameplay.

“With the HyperMotion Engine, we were able to feel the crucial elements of a complete football match in front of our eyes,” explained Creative Director Matt Prior. “So we were able to see how it felt to be tackled, how you feel on the ball when you have a chance to pass, and how to beat your opponent in close combat.”

Here’s a video that shows it in action.

The new motion capture system works using a set of cameras aimed at the body, which, when combined with the data from the Real Player Motion System, allowed the developers to feel and hear the player’s movements in real time, allowing them to feel each collision and display more realistic animations.

“The system captures the player’s running footsteps, so we could see how a player pushes off the ball at every step, and the player’s acceleration upon receiving a pass,” said Analyst Peter Ristic, the lead technical producer for the game. “The way the system works to capture and synthesize this movement, meant that we were able to feel the player’s elusiveness, and how to react to the player’s movement.”

The presentation of motion capture is not a new technology, and developers have had the tools to make this style of presentation for years. What is new is that the technology is now being applied to larger and more complex problems, so that the user can feel the movements of the player.

FIFA 20 introduced the Real Player Motion System, which uses a depth sensor to extract player positions and allows the game to animate the characters involved in the action in a more natural way. EA Sports also introduced motion capture in FIFA 17 with the Reveal Flowzones on the shoulders of players and body parts, like a near-infrared light system.

EA Sports added a new feature to its motion capture system last year called Motion Sync, which allows players to share their data in other game modes such as Madden NFL 20. And last October, EA Sports added more motion capture to its sports titles by adding a collaboration feature called Battlefields and adding a more personalized experience through the many ways you can play the game.

Developers always used motion capture to make the animations more lifelike in real-time games like EA Sports’ Burn


Features Key:

  • Adapting tactics for every player type.
  • Dynamic control overview.
  • New Player Cinematic.
  • The new Legend system.
  • Great Line-up.
  • Player IQ.
  • 4v4 Seasons and Leagues.
  • UEFA Euro 2016 manager.
  • More modes and League features.


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FIFA is more than a game, it’s football at its very core. From stadium backgrounds, celebrating fans, customisation and an authenticity which reflects the way the real game is played, to authentic commentary, unique ways to play, multiple modes and a broad array of ways to compete, FIFA brings the real feeling of the game’s most popular sport into your hands. You can even play online with friends using PlayStation™4 system or on Xbox One™ with a PlayStation®4 system using the enhanced FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, together with the PlayStation®Camera, or the Xbox Game Bar on Xbox One.

*Images used may be subject to copyright ©2017 EA SPORTS and their respective companies.

Added in-game support for audio commentary from over 60 live broadcasters, including NBC Sports, Univision Deportes Network and more

Over 60 live commentators deliver real-world commentary in-game, including USA-based NBC Sports, Spanish-based Univision Deportes Network, British commentator and UEFA Champions League veteran Jamie Carragher and Brazil-based ESPN and FOX sports commentators

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch language commentary lines in each football game mode, with Arabic and Japanese in FIFA Ultimate Team mode, broadcast in 5.1 Surround Sound

New Season of Innovation on Every Mode

From the brand new Story of Seasons, where you can take control of your own farm in the real-world game seasons, to the new Choose Your Way Moments where you play to influence and change the direction of the story with the way you play, you can choose and influence the way that your career develops as you try to win league, cup and European trophies

Introducing The Journey – Track Your Ultimate Team Progress as You Play

In The Journey mode, you will be able to track your Ultimate Team throughout each season as you add more players to your squad throughout the game

New Mode: Skill Players™

As a manager, you can now get better players by purchasing new Skill Players on a weekly or monthly basis

New Objective Mode: Team Retirements

A challenging new Objective Mode brings new challenges and rewards by taking your team through a season of the league, cup or European competition in a single mode

New Career Mode: Open Player Model

In Open Player Model, you choose the qualities you want your players to have such as pace, dribbling, passing, physicality and shooting ability

New Development Hubs


Fifa 22

Make the most of Ultimate Team and its addition of new cards and items in FIFA 22 by creating the ultimate team with your favorite real-world and club stars. Choose from over 600 of the most popular real-world stars, and get new items for your team in over 40 themed packs to make your Ultimate Team the best it can be.

Matchday – Build, customize, and lead your team to victory on the pitch in Matchday Mode, the new way to play group games in FIFA 22. Choose from over 30 current-day teams, including English Premier League champions Manchester City, German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, and French Ligue 1 champions Paris St Germain.


Football? Football, no question. FIFA is what you make it and there is more than enough to take on in this years FIFA on PlayStation 4.

New Gameplay

FIFA feels good. For a first installment of the series in a new generation of PlayStation game consoles, it does feel quite nice.

The motion-controlled dribbling – controlled via the DualShock 4’s trigger-pad (though also accessible via touch on the PS4’s touchpad), was smooth and comfortable and, for the first time in a FIFA title, felt responsive. In fact, when I played FIFA on the PS3, I would often feel like the ball needed to be more responsive, and that FIFA hasn’t managed to achieve that yet is a positive improvement for the series.

Judging from a demo I had at Gamescom, the football seemed closer to real football, the ball didn’t seem to fly through the air as much as in previous iterations of FIFA; it also seems that the player’s running speed will be a little bit slower, as per the game’s in-engine footage. It didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the demo though, so I’m hopeful it will maintain that feeling throughout the game.

Improved animations and player accuracy

The new game engine offers a more complete and responsive experience, showing off the movement better than previous games in the series. As well, the player’s animations seemed less stiff, and as the game’s demo showed, the control seemed more responsive when you’re controlling the player.

There were also new player animations, and players seemed more natural and expressive.

The 3D stadiums seem more crisp and clear, with more realistic player models, as well


What’s new in Fifa 22:


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