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“Jalen Green has a Kobe Bryant and Paul George type mentality”: Former G-League Ignite coach Brian Shaw has some high praises for Houston Rockets #2 draft pick

“Jalen Green has a Kobe Bryant and Paul George type mentality”: Former G-League Ignite coach Brian Shaw has some high praises for Houston Rockets #2 draft pick

Former G-League Ignite head coach Brian Shaw has some huge praises for Jalen Green, comparing the Houston Rocket rookie’s mentality to that of legends Kobe Bryant and Paul George.

Yesterday night, we saw 60 young talents getting their dreams fulfilled after being drafted into the NBA. Of the several players entering the league, Jalen Green is one of the top-most players of this Draft class who was selected by the Houston Rockets with their 2nd pick, right behind Cade Cunningham who got drafted by the Detroit Pistons. 

If you are an avid basketball fan, you must’ve heard Jalen Green’s name quite a few times over the last couple of years. Green was an internet sensation back in his high school, known for his electric and jaw-dropping dunks. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard was the number 1 ranked high school prospect according to ESPN. Despite receiving several offers from elite colleges around the USA, Jalen decided to go pro and joined the newly-formed G-League’s Ignite team. 

Needless to say, the 19-year-old athletic kid was one of the stars at that G-League team. In the 15 games Green played for Ignite at the Orlando Bubble, he had an incredible year, putting up 17.9 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.8 assists on 46/36/83 shooting splits. Clearly, Green is one of the premier scorers in the Draft Class of 2021. 

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Jalen Green Being Compared to legends Kobe Bryant and Paul George 

As the #2 pick, the amount of pressure on this young kid’s back is immense. Green has been given the task of improving the Houston Rockets- the team with the worst record in the entire league. On top of this, his former G-League coach had added some more expectations for Green while giving him some huge praises. 

Recently, Brian Shaw spoke about his experience with Green and also spoke about the similarities the rookie shares with legends Kobe Bryant and LAC superstar Paul George. On an episode of “Republika Huddle”, Shaw complimented Green ahead if the 2021 Draft:

“I’ve been around some very good young players. Kobe Bryant, obviously, when he was young, Paul George, when he was young, and there’s something that those special guys have in common. Jalen has that mentality, that competitiveness, that will to win regardless of what it is.” 

“He did not miss a single day of practice, he did not miss any games. I don’t think anybody ever beat him when we would run for conditioning in practice, I don’t think anybody ever beat him in a sprint. And so those kinds of things remind me of, especially Kobe, in terms of competitiveness and that will.”

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Kobe Bryant and Paul George?! Wow, that’s some huge praises for a 19-year-old who is yet to play a single game in the NBA. Although, already having one-year’s professional basketball experience under his belt, Green is the most NBA-ready player of all the players in this draft class. We will just have to wait and see just how good, or bad, does Jalen Green’s rookie season goes and whether or not the Rockets are able to benefit from their #2 pick.



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